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Equine massage therapy is a preventative and rehabilitative tool that

  • relieves pain

  • loosens scar tissue

  • improves circulation

  • increases range of motion 

  • promotes healing 

  • alleviates stress

  • can assist in diagnosing musculoskeletal problems

Katelyn received her certification in equine massage through Therasage EMC in 2016 and is fully insured. Over the last three years Katelyn has worked on over 100 horses of various disciplines, breeds, and ages. 

Menu of Services

Massage Therapy

Full Body Massage

60 minutes, $60 

This maintenance massage will use various sports massage techniques over the horse's entire body. Emphasis is placed on trigger point and myofascial release to prevent and relieve muscular pain and increase production of endorphins (the body's natural pain relievers). 

Pre-Event Massage

30 minutes, $30 

The pre-event massage is the best way to begin your horse's warm-up before an event. It will increase circulation, improve flexibility, and loosen up muscles to shorten warm-up time, maximize performance, and prevent injury. This massage is also great for calming and focusing the mind of your horse pre-ride. Choice of area-specific or all over massage.


Post-Event Massage

30 minutes, $30 

A cool-down massage will relax tired muscles and ease soreness after an event, thus shortening recovery time. This is a must-have massage for horses participating in multiple events throughout the day or in multi-day shows. 

Add-on Services


30 minutes, $20 

Stretching reduces the risk of pulled muscles and tendons by increasing your horse's elasticity and suppleness. Other benefits include releasing painful muscle spasms and reducing inflammation. Add stretching to a full body, pre-event, or post-event massage for maximum health benefits.

Although it provides many health benefits, equine massage is a complementary treatment and not a replacement for veterinary care. 

*Travel fee may apply